Audit Client

“Adeptus’ team of audit professionals handle all of our requirements in a timely and manageable fashion, truly professional in all areas. They are always ready to undertake their responsibilities, are up on all relevant pronouncements and truly understand the process, and the client, like ourselves. That is what matters most and we would never trade them for anyone else.”

Estate Planning Client

“Adeptus professionals have the unique way of analyzing and creating an estate plan that works not just for now, but well into the future as well. They truly take care of you, and your family, in understanding everyone’s needs and projecting them forward while saving tax dollars in addition. I have found no one like them, and will always be grateful.”

High Net Worth Individual Family Office Client

“The Adeptus approach to tax planning, its implementation and continuing blue print going forward, has resulted in serious savings over the years to allow for impactful advancement in our personal net worth and ongoing spending. Their particular way of searching for solutions is unique in the industry and the value to clients such as myself is immeasurable.”

Entertainment and Music Star Client

“There is no firm better than Adeptus in handling all of our business, tax, accounting, estate and business management needs. They truly understand the artists in the entertainment world and cater to our specific needs. Rock on!”

Large Manufacturing Client

“Adeptus is much more than just accountants. They are truly business persons who immerse themselves in the total picture of your business and clearly help make it, and thus you, more efficient and profitable.”

Investment Banking Client

“Howard and his team of top noted professionals at Adeptus are on top of all the market conditions that affect our strategies as to growth and expansion through organic means as well as for mergers and acquisitions. Their keen insight and audit analyses lead us to positive results in making good things happen all around.”

Adeptus Partners LLC