Non-Profit Audits

At Adeptus, we pride ourselves  for having great understanding of the challenges that various non-profit organizations face . Having that knowledge allows us to offer a non-profit organization an audit service focused its specific needs.

Here is what we offer as part of the audit process for any non-profit organization:

  1. We offer our audit clients ease of audit process and strive to make it as stress free as possible.
  2. We are working closely with organization’s accountants, management and board on identifying internal control areas and accounting processes that need improvement;
  3. We develop understanding of specific non-profit organization’s  needs and challenges. This understanding allows us to focus on high risk areas and develop effective audit process;
  4. Wealth of experience with non-profit organizations allows us to advise board and management on the accounting and financial reporting practices that fit best to specific organization’s mission;
  5. As part of our non-profit organization audit we advise board and management on the financial reporting criteria that various grantors and funders are looking for;
  6. We make ourselves available for any questions that may arise outside of the scope and time frame of our audit.
  7. We strongly believe in presenting audit reports at non-profit organization’s board meeting. We feel that this allows us to develop direct contact with organization’s board members.

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Professionals at Adeptus who Specialize
in Non-Profit Audits

Ryan J. Krant

Accountant & Advisor

Bill Conway



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