Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is accounting that is suitable for legal review and offers the highest level of assurance. We specialize in forensic accounting, working on some of the largest institutional fraud cases of the century. Because of our reputation, I even have been awarded an oversight position in a suspect firm directly by the Courts. Forensic services are useful in determining the misuse of intellectual property and the assessment of royalties. It also can include computer forensics, and asset searches and recovery. Our professionalism ensures the integrity of our findings which can be defended and supported at the highest level of scrutiny in a court of law.

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Professionals at Adeptus who Specialize
in Forensic Accounting

Howard Krant, CPA, Founding Partner Adeptus Partners, Adeptus CPAs

Howard S. Krant

Managing & Founding Partner, CPA

Ryan J. Krant

Accountant & Advisor

Bill Conway



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