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What are the new tax rate changes for trust funds and estates? How does this new tax environment impact planning for estates, trusts, and their beneficiaries? What are the implications of generation-skipping transfer taxes for trusts and estates? Need an accounting in the format required by the Courts for probate estates, trusts and conservatorships? Are you or your loved one unable or unwilling to pay bills, reconcile checks or maintain financial records? Have you reviewed your estate plans in the last ten years? You can talk to us about anything — We’ve heard it all and done it all. Let us know what’s on your mind.

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“If you’ve heard of trust funds but don’t know what they are or how they work, you’re not alone…

For a large amount of people, they may know one key fact about trust funds: They’re set up by the ultra-wealthy as a way to give to their family, friends or entities after they pass away. But only part of the conventional wisdom is true. Trust funds are designed to allow a person’s money to continue to be useful well after they pass away, but trusts aren’t only reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals. Middle class citizens have the ability to set up trust funds too.” (from Ivestopedia)

–Start a Trust Fund Without Being Rich–

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