Employee and Executive Recruiting

Did you know we don’t just do accounting work?  We also provide Employee and Executive Recruiting Services to our clients.  We are your partner and advisors through and through.  Finding top notch employees can be a daunting task and since we are specialist in our industry, many of our clients request our services in recruiting their accounting staff.

We know our clients and can screen potential candidates that are capable of assuming any accounting position.   We will draft and place advertisements, identify and screen the best qualified candidates, and coordinate the interview with your company for the final selection process.

Our approach is to make this a smooth recruiting process for you and to hire and retain the best of the best.  Our clients work hard and want to focus on their business.  Let us take care of finding the right people to help you run a successful business.

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Professionals at Adeptus who Specialize
in Employee and Executive Recruiting Services

Neil Berger

Managing Principal, CPA - MD

Joceline Vera

Support Staff- NJ


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