Cost and Cash Flow

Ineffective cash flow management could be crippling your business. It can make it impossible to fund strategic investments, require excessive interest payments that chip away at profits, and require higher capital costs due to balance sheets that misrepresent your firm’s potential. Cash is the lifeblood of your business and cash-flow forecasting and management ensures your business operations are uninterrupted. Let me review your Working Capital Management system, analyze your payout cycle, build a detailed cash flow management system, and even negotiate better payment and collection terms. Adeptus has fixed a lot of problems for a lot of businesses just like yours.

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Have a great new product or service?

Know how to pick the right price…

‘It’s absolutely necessary to get the pricing right, or you won’t be in business very long,” says University of Rochester marketing professor George Cook

Know Your Costs– You also have indirect costs, like marketing and salary.  Allocate a share of those costs to each item you produce.

Spy on the Competition– Use the tool at to see who your competitors are and if possible, do a little secret shopping








Establish Your Value– You can charge a premium and deliver quality results, or charge less and aim for higher volume…either way you’ll have to convince customers they are getting a good deal.  Use an informal focus group of friends and family.

 (From Money Magazine)

–5 Smart Strategies for Managing Your Cash Flow–

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