Business Management


  • Pay client’s bills
  • Review invoices for accuracy and payment
  • Deposit incoming checks and cash into client’s bank accounts
  • Track income that is due
  • Payroll functions including filing necessary payroll tax returns and forms
  • Apply for credit cards and loans
  • Arrange for services such as utilities and telephones
  • Arrange approval process for all bills and payments
  • Review cash flow and discuss any foreseeable problems
  • Prepare monthly cash flow reports for each bank account, detailing all cash receipts and disbursements


  • Manage financial aspects for touring artists ranging from the largest stadium tours to club tours
  • Handle day to day activities such as paying bills, depositing incoming moneys, payroll and dealing with vendors
  • Assist in negotiation of vendor agreements
  • Prepare and/or assist in preparation of tour budgets
  • Provide a comparison of the tour budget to actual
  • Update road reports in real time via an electronic system
  • Work with record companies to obtain tour support and provide appropriate documentation
  • Prepare state tax budgets to reduce state taxes withheld
  • Prepare and work with other local professionals to reduce foreign tax liabilities
  • Review show settlements, agency commission statements and merchandise statements as necessary Prepare a complete financial statement at end of each tour


  • Full time, in-house experienced royalty administrator
  • Review incoming royalty statement for accuracy
  • Track due dates of royalty statement and advances to insure timely receipt
  • Negotiate and prepare mechanical and synch licenses
  • Provide tour set lists to performance rights societies
  • Provide cue sheets to performance rights societies
  • Negotiate and set up domestic and foreign administration and publishing deals
  • Prepare royalty statements for band members, outside parties, co-writers,  co-publishers
  • Prepare commission statements


  • Review the various options for setting up corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies
  • Analyze and provide recommendations as to the best type of entity to form for each business activity
  • Coordinate with the client’s attorney for the formation of any entity

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