Auditing Assurance

The overarching goal of an audit is to help your business recover costs, contain expenses, and to drive compliance of vendors and others with whom you are in a contract-based relationship. Through a review of prior purchases and spending, it can be determined what areas are out of control and if any contracts or pricing agreements are being violated. Are your purchases going forward in compliance? Are your vendors satisfying the terms of the existing agreements? We can conduct a cost analysis to identify areas to target when initiating sourcing strategies. Because we work with hundreds of firms in every business category, we know what is standard for your industry and what is unusual.

At Adeptus Partners, LLC, we are uniquely qualified to perform your audit and other assurance engagements. We offer that ‘big firm’ quality with a ‘small firm’ presence and attention. Whether it is a compilation service, which offers the basic preparation of financial information without the time consuming constraints of an audit or review, or a review engagement, which provides limited assurance as to whether your financial information is materially correct, or a full audit, which provides the highest level of assurance on your financial information, Adeptus Partners, LLC will deliver professional services in the most timely manner possible.

Our audit and assurance personnel average over twenty years of experience providing services to a number of industries which include, non-profit organizations, manufacturers, real estate, construction, restaurants, franchises, information technology, consulting, refuse hauling and recycling, and government contracting.

We are anxious to discuss with you how we may be of assistance in providing high quality services and becoming an integral part of your organization’s team.

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