International Tax Consulting

There was once a time when international business meant corporate jets and the other excesses of some of the world’s largest enterprises. Now, anyone with a website and a digital shopping cart can find themselves facing international finance and international tax and accounting issues.

Think your foreign account is too small to report? Think again. The rules differ per country but do not risk penalties! Call us any time, with even the littlest question so nothing gets out of hand.

Are you withholding taxes on foreign persons? Is your income from abroad taxable? Can you or your firm benefit from one of the many tax treaties in place throughout the world? There are always new developments in international taxation so be sure you are operating with the most current information. Our team of specialists are here to answer any questions.

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Do you own foreign investments? 

Here’s how to make sure you disclose them correctly at tax time….

‘For many of today’s investors, diversification goes beyond owning companies in a variety of industries – it means adding securities from different parts of the globe, too. In fact, many wealth management experts recommend diverting a third or more of one’s stock allocation into foreign enterprises to create a more efficient portfolio.’ Investopedia

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Professionals at Adeptus who Specialize
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Howard Krant, CPA, Founding Partner Adeptus Partners, Adeptus CPAs

Howard S. Krant

Managing & Founding Partner, CPA

Jim Miglino

Managing Principal, CPA - LI

Neil Berger

Managing Principal, CPA - MD


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