Privately Held Enterprises

As your business grows, the interests of other parties also must be considered in the creation of your financial records and reports – the banks, your partners, and, of course, the government. We know business – what makes it flourish and what strangles it. As specialists serving privately held enterprises, my team has a thorough understanding of the accounting rules and tax laws that impact your organization whether it be enterprise zone rules, bench marking, cash flow management, green technology opportunities, or increasing shareholder value just to name a few.

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America’s Largest Privately Held Companies in 2015

A total of 216 companies made it onto Forbes’ annual ranking of America’s largest private companies. These companies represent industries from aerospace to utilities and everything in between and hail from 36 states.

Which big names do you recognize?

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Diana Gilbert, CPA, Adeptus Partners LLC

Diana Gilbert

Managing Principal, CPA - LI


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