Health Care and Social Assistance

With the continuous changes to the healthcare law, and the voluminous compliance requirements, much confusion exists as to what companies need to do.  The ever-changing landscape of Medicare and Medicaid give rise to many questions.  We are able to help you work through all of your questions, and make sure that your company is doing everything correctly and to the biggest benefit possible.  And as more changes are introduced, let us be your partner to ensure that your company is not falling behind, and subjecting themselves to any penalties. We also have professionals who are able to examine your insurance policies and compare them with the market, to make sure you are getting the policy you want at the premiums you want.  In addition, we work with many medical practices, nursing homes, and insurance companies, assisting them with their tax and accounting needs.

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“Achieve a Better Life Experience” (ABLE) Accounts

Have you heard about the new “Achieve a Better Life Experience” (ABLE) accounts? They’re tax-favored savings accounts you can establish to set aside money to pay expenses for a disabled family member.

‘Assets in ABLE accounts grow tax-free and withdrawals are nontaxable if used to pay qualified disability expenses.’ –

–See If YOU or YOUR FAMILY MEMBER Qualifies–

a Professional at Adeptus who Specializes
in the Healthcare and Social Assistance Industry

Mike Hoffman, CPA, Adeptus Partners LLC, Ocean, NJ

Mike Hoffman

Senior Partner, CPA


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